Hotel de Plus +樂水 design hotel
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Walk out of the house, you can space out and do nothing, enjoy the beautiful endless view .All the windows with the view of the ocean, where the sun and moon rise up. You can see the shadows have millions of changes between the sun and house, or spend the whole night lie on the field and fall into the miracle of stars and universe.

With the simple shape of the building, we have lots of surprise inside: retro hand Surgical lights, antique switches, design furniture…all the interesting humor items and books, see the shadow changing at different time in different rooms. You can choose a book in lobby and seat down anywhere just like in your home, or stay in the restaurant space out with the view of ocean. Or you can stay in the room, enjoy your own space, and watch the great view.

Wandering on the beach road of the south, you can see a white building with Irregular arrangement of windows. Inside of the house, you will feel like get in a boat or American dorm or anything you want to imagine. You can see there’s designers’ humor everywhere, the antiques, furniture, the structures and the space. Because the view has no boundary and no lights on the road, so you can see changes of scenery with incredible colors, the endless ocean, sunrise and moon rise, and the stars. All the natural beauty. Calm down and let your eyes feel relax by come inside this white world, just like entered another space, you might feel new feelings, have new thoughts, you won’t have distance with us, but still feel free and comfort. After spaced out, we hope you can get your energy back soon.

經緯度: 21.967144,120.842153     地址:947屏東縣滿州鄉興海路36號 

                                                                           No.36, Xinghai Rd, Manzhou Township, Pingtung County 947, Taiwan 


A.開車 car
國道一號 南下接88快速道路接國道三號,南州交流道下,順著往墾丁方向指標直走到恆春
National Highway 1_Take National Highway 1 South to 88 Provincial Highway, proceed to National Highway 3, leave the highway at Nanzhou Interchange 南州交流道, proceed in the direction of Kenting 墾丁 until Hengchun 恆春.

國道三號 從南州交流道下,順著往墾丁方向指標直走到恆春
National Highway 3_Take National Highway 3, until Nanzhou Interchange 南州交流道, proceed in the direction of Kenting 墾丁 until Hengchun 恆春.
B.高鐵 High speed rail
可以搭高鐵至左營站再轉搭墾丁快線客運到恆春轉運站,或搭計程車(Hotel de Plus提供代訂服務)。
Take the High Speed Rail to Zuoying Station 左營站, then transfer to the Kenting Express bus to Hengchun Transfer Station 恆春轉運站 or take a taxi (Hotel de Plus can arrange a taxi service).
C.火車 regular train
坐火車到高雄站 ,再轉搭88快線客運到恆春轉運站,或搭計程車(Hotel de Plus提供代訂服務)。
Take the train to Kaohsiung station 高雄站, then take to the 88 Express Bus to Hengchun Transfer Station or take a taxi (Hotel de Plus can arrange a taxi service).
D.計程車接送 Taxi Service

高雄火車站,左營高鐵站或高雄機場至恆春 350/人(此為共乘價格,如需包車請另洽)
From Kaohsiung train station,high speed rail station or Kaohsiung Airport to Hengchun; 350NT per person




如何從恆春到Hotel de Plus?
A.自行開車 car
較近路線 15分 恆春經出火(200縣道)往佳樂水方向再接台26省道至51.5km處即可到達
Fastest route (15 min): From Hengchun take County Route 200 through Chuhuo 出火 in the Jialeshui 佳樂水 direction, then proceed to Provincial Highway 26. Hotel de Plus is at 51.5 km.

海岸路線 40分 恆春(台26省道)經南灣,墾丁,鵝巒鼻,往佳樂水方向至51.5km處即可到達
Scenic route (30 min): From Hengchun take Provincial Highway 26 in the Jialeshui 佳樂水 direction, through Nanwan 南灣, Kenting 墾丁, Eluanbi 鵝巒鼻 until Hotel de Plus at 51.5 km.
B.恆春公車 Hengchun bus
Take the Kenting bus from Hengchun interchange station and get off at Jialeshui 佳樂水 (frequency is rather low, we advise to check timetables first)
C.租車 rented car
Near Hengchun Transfer Station you can rent a car or a van.
D.計程車 Taxi

可於恆春轉運站附近搭乘(Hotel de Plus提供代訂服務)
You can take a taxi from near Hengchun Transfer Station.



到 最近的沙灘 往風吹沙方向走一公里
到 佳樂水衝浪 與吊橋距離+樂水3.5km開車五分鐘 散步 半小時
到恆春 開車15分鐘 
到風吹沙 距離1.5km 走路5分鐘 
到墾丁大街   開車20分鐘 



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